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  •  It's still really sad (none)

    This is yet again another logical fallacy.

    I did NOT make personal attacks against him.

    He self-identified himself as a jackass with his behavior. I pointed that behavior out.

    Calling a liar a liar is not name calling, as I said.

    Calling John Wayne Gacy a murderer is not name calling.

    Calling someone who makes repeated personal attacks, and repeatedly fails to understand how deep a hole they are digging for themselves, even when it is explained to them over and over again, is a jackass.

    I did NOT simply call anyone a jackass. I explained why he was one, and documented why I said what I said. A personal attack is attacking the person and NOT their message.

    If you cannot understand the difference between attacking the person and not their message (what that poster did) and attacking their message and coming to conclusions AFTER attacking their message (what I did) then it's likely a good thing for you to stop reading my posts.

    Feel free.

    But there's a vast difference between the two.

    It's a personal attack when one attacks the person and not their message.

    It's not a personal attack when one attacks the message and then draws conclusions after that.

    ...but not your own facts.

    by slouise217 on Sat Mar 04, 2006 at 12:51:13 AM PST

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