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View Diary: Hold Congress accountable for selling out America to food poisoners (99 comments)

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  •  By the way (4.00)
    I wrote one of those diaries. Action Alert; National Uniformity for Food Act received 9 recommendations and my comment still sits at (none/1). I worked hard to get out this message.

    I'm happy to see it posted by someone with some juice around here. Maybe the NATIONAL UNIFORMITY FOR FOOD ACT gets proper scrutiny now.

    I don't mean to sound bitter. There is so much on our plates and so many diary authors covering so many screwings by our representatives that items like this tend to just dive down the Recent Diaries list. However I wouldn't mind if someone went back to my diary from yesterday and voted on my comment so I have a little more to show for the effort than (none/1)

    I'm watching the session on CSPAN and our guys sound good but judging by the number of co-sponsors, the National Uniformity for Food Act sounds like a done deal.

    On the bright side is the fact that the House bill does not yet have a Senate companion. Maybe a little exposure will get our Senators to put aside the food industry campaign donations and acknowledge the people.

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