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  •  You're Catholic? (none)
    Or is this just a symbolic break for you?

    Lent is for giving up things that make you to comfortable, not things that make you too uncomfortable.

    I place all MSOC diaries in a little mental compartment.  I can't rage like she can.  That's become her full time job.  I've got a career and family to attend to.

    But I'm happy that she rages and I support her because somewhere, people who get exposed to that start to change.  They start to question authority.  They begin living differently.

    Also-- it's a matter of "site presence" for lack of a better term.  Visit LGF or FR and what do you see?  The latest Bushillusionary swill.  People hatin' on Hillary.  Yadda yadda.  I like to see meaty, uncomfortable subjects on the Recommended list.  It makes me proud of this site, proud that I am a member and proud to participate.

    Take a break if you need to, but don't drag Lent or MSOC into it.  She may have been the straw that broke your back, but we need straw.  Straws are good.

    See you later.

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