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View Diary: An Update On That Accountability Moment: As Predicted, We Missed It. (145 comments)

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  •  The buck never stops here (none)
    with this administration. Accountability is just more collateral damage in the war on terror along with prudent government. We could not have avoided this disaster, but we could have been prepared to respond to it much better than we did. But August is the President's vacation month and he does have his life to live.

    The priorities of this administration have always been questionable along with its abilities to govern. More effort goes into finding legal loopholes that allow prisoner abuse and illegal wiretapping to continue than to preparing for and responding to a natural disaster, devising a national medical health insurance program, providing adequate benefits for our veterans, reducing the national debt, and a host of other important duties of government. This administration has been allowed to shirk its responsibilities under the guise of fighting terrorists. Yet they still have not fully implemented the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

    The video clearly indicates that almost no effort was made by the White Houese to address the impending disaster in New Orleans. When you consider the amount of effort went into building a case for invading Iraq, for circumventing the Geneva Convention rules for prisoner treatment, for attempting to discredit Joseph Wilson's findings on the Niger yellowcake, the feeble response to the Katrina disaster is an unforgiveable, criminal act.

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