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View Diary: An Update On That Accountability Moment: As Predicted, We Missed It. (145 comments)

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  •  It is time for the Blame Job. (none)
    If this administration is too inept to track the preformance of it's constituent departments and officials, then it can not be trusted to manage this country through our daily affairs much less our times of crisis.

    This is life and death.  Playing word-games and shielding cronies is the worst set of choices.

    This monstrous government machine needs a tough group of strong individuals that will take on the challenges of leadership.  Primary among those challenges is taking the risk of loosing your job if you don't perform.

    This monstrous government appears to be led by unscrupulous strategists that have managed to enrich the wealthiest class of Americans and the energy companies while depleting opportunities and hope for the rest of us.  Indivuduals that played key roles in campaign fundraising for the Cheney-Rove team are now occupying offices that require expertise in order for the jobs to be done right.  The jobs are not being done.  Americans are dying at home and abroad.  No one has the stregth of character or conviction to take responsibilty.

    This is life and death, but the priorities of the White House are always to shroud cronies from accountability by attempting to injure those seeking information.  Taking or accurately assigning reponsibility is not a priority.

    This monstrous government is represented to America and the world by a man that claims stregth by closing himself off to all opinions but his own.  That is a fundamental sign of weak character.

    This will probably get worse before it gets better.  Death of Americans or anybody else hasn't stirred any of these guys to action.  Being motivated by election isn't enough - obviously.

    This is life and death.  It isn't politics or elections or speeches or anything else.  It is just simply the choice between building a country that will survive or one that will succumb.  Our lungs are shrinking and our heart is beating meekly.

    This is life and death.

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