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    It seems to me, with all these promises of a water-walking hippy some 2000 years ago, the impatient world of Christians are egging on the utter destruction of humanity.  I know this meme well, I was a member of the Cult of Christ some years ago and experienced this feeling firsthand, hoping for the wrath of God upon all sinners (whatever group my preacher told us to despise that week.)  No it wasn't Fred Phelps either.

    I think they're just getting sick of waiting for their wine-sipping deity guy while not getting their way (laugh - or perhaps for losing their all-powerful status), so they exclaim 'God'll get them all for this' hope for armageddon and pray they're in the right sect.  Religion is the most dangerous form of mind control ever.  That isn't meant to offend the free-thinking religious people, it's just an observation I've made from inside and outside of religion as well.

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