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View Diary: SHADOW WAR : "Covert Activity" vs. Mainstream American Religion (20 comments)

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  •  I really like that : (none)
    "Fertilizer Happens" ( ! )
    •  Hi troutfishing, (none)
      My eyes usually glaze over when I read your and Frederick Clarkson's diaries. As a person for whom religion does not figure in my daily life, I find other scandals more interesting.

      I followed the link to Father Jakes, and then his link to the March 2005 descrioption of Diane Knippers' involvement in the takeover plan. Question: Is the takeover merely for financial gain, in order to acquire Church property? Or is it political, to shepherd the flock to 'a permanent GOP majority'? Is this plot an extension of the post-Watergate neocon takeover of the US, or a separate set of greedy people that are aligned with the GOP? I guess the Knippers/Iran-Contra connection suggests they're all from the same '80's group.

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