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View Diary: SHADOW WAR : "Covert Activity" vs. Mainstream American Religion (20 comments)

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  •  Oh, I know that !.... (none)
    But, thanks.

    BTW, here's a REALLY entertaining story about parasitic worms !

    •  well, I should have known better (none)
      but just like the idiot in a movie that goes down the dark and creaky basement stairs knowing it can't be good, but goes anyway, I too, decided to click on your parasitic worms!  That was a stupid thing for me to do.  Now I am itching all over and will not be able to sleep for another few hours.  And I know better.  I mean, you didn't call it "warm and fuzzy" for a reason.  I should have thought about it more, but Noooooo, I was trigger happy and went for it as I always do.  And now I suffer for it.

      But it was cool, wasn't it?  So very interesting.  I couldn't stop reading even if it is so late and way past bed time.  Which is now postponed.  Thanks a lot.

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