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View Diary: The Spanish Bombing and the Real War on Terriorism (31 comments)

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    The same thing was discussed in Billmon this morning.  It seems as though the terrorist fanatics need the right wing zealots in order to continue their loop.  To me, if this really is Al Queada, then it only shows what a failure Dubya's war in Iraq is.  He had them on the run and turned his attention to a to-bit paper tiger dictator.  Now we are running out of resources due to massive budget deficits and a broken army.  Why didn't we pursue OBL while we had the chance?  My fear is that people won't see this and they will simply believe that they need to hide behind big Daddy again.

    "Après moi le déluge" - George W. Bush

    by RichM on Thu Mar 11, 2004 at 07:21:59 PM PST

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    •  Hiding (none)
      No, they probably won't see, because it's a tough paradigm to break out of -- this "bomb something or else they'll interpret it as weakness and attack more" theory that's so au courant in Israel.

      They're going to attack anyway.  The only way out of this, but which we're nowhere near ready to accept, is to (a) have much improved domestic security and (b) deal with the root causes of terror.  And what that means is that someplace in the U.S. is going to get bombed eventually, and we're going to have to take it on the chin and just keep working our program faithfully (and the program MAY include military intervention from time to time, but not a War on Terror).

      In order to beat terror, ordinary Americans are going to have to die.  Obviously you want to stack the odds in your favor that no one will die.  But yes.  It means having a higher plan or vision for a terror-free world, and resolutely not being swayed from it even if Americans die.

      This is the only way out of the loop.

      And that is not a truth that anyone, me included, feels very comfortable saying.  (Americans have to die?  Well then who dies and who lives?)  We're nowhere near that level of understanding and leadership.  

      But that was always my crucial question for Dean; it is the same for Kerry - it's a question neither have ever been asked:  What are you going to say to the American people WHEN (not IF, but when) there's another major terrorist attack on our soil?  Do any of them have the gravitas and guts to say "Don't be afraid?"

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