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View Diary: The Spanish Bombing and the Real War on Terriorism (31 comments)

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  •  All, I Could Think is (none)
    that those scenes were repeated and repeated, time and time again as sudden death rained down on Iraqi people going about their business a little over a year ago. Except they knew it was coming and knew too that they couldn't hide - that is terrorism at its finest. The scenes were repeated but they were not recorded. Not 190 times, but 10,000 times, maybe 30,000 times, the US doesn't bother to count.

    Aznar was prepared to have that kind of terror visited on the Iraqi people in his name and the name of his people, and now he is dealing with the reality that he so easily approved just 12 months ago.

    Perhaps now he should just shrug and say "collateral damage"?

    The crime here is of course the bombings, but it is also the war crimes of an administration that acted in the face of the disapproval of the people who are now lying dead and maimed in Madrid hospitals.

    Where was the horror in Madrid and London and Washington when it was US bombs doing this?

    Ali Ismail Abbas has become a symbol of the appalling ravages of war after his home was bombed during the coalition forces' attack on Baghdad.

    The 12-year-old boy lost both his arms and suffered serious burns to his upper body.

    Both his parents were also killed in the strike, along with other relatives, and it was feared Ali could die from his injuries

    Why are Spanish dead and maimed worth more than the tens of thousands of Alis on whose bodies we have tattooed our flags in blood and pain?

    Blowback, vengeance, karma, call it what you will, the US opened Pandora's box and Aznar helped with the lock. There is a price.

    Lest we forget.

    "Till the last dog dies"

    by Deep Dark on Thu Mar 11, 2004 at 08:59:27 PM PST

    •  I think (none)
      you over simplify the equation. Blowback is only partially what is at work here - but if it hadn't been Spain it would have been somewhere else.

      At the end of the day, Deep Dark, you are just as much a potential victim as is George W. Bush.

      Ben P

      Benjamin Disraeli + Robert LaFollette = Ben P

      by Ben P on Thu Mar 11, 2004 at 09:32:00 PM PST

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      •  True Enough (none)
        I live in Sydney, there is nothing that gives me to believe that it will not happen here.

        And yes, blowback is simplification, I was thinking more innterms of karma, those who make violence acceptable, those who commit atrocities on others, especially when they lie about why they are doing it, or do so for their own personal comfort and privilege, make the world a more dangerous place.

        They assent to violence as the tool for achieving their objectives. And they cannot then excuse themselves from living in the world they help to build.

        That's why the response to 911 was wrong, it did not understand that 911 itself arose from the world that the west has helped build and drive into radical arms.

        Bush has just made it vastly worse by his response.

        "Till the last dog dies"

        by Deep Dark on Thu Mar 11, 2004 at 10:10:35 PM PST

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