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  •  You're right (none)
     I was just about to write on this, if you believe that a fertilised egg is a human being, and that abortion is murder, you can accept NO exceptions. Maybe the life of the mother, then you can weigh the relative values of the two humans. That's is why the pro-life platform is so dangerous, you have to look at it's stated aims and realize the bottom line, the cells that make up a successfull conception are the most important people on the planet. The woman is merely a device, an incubater.
    •  ehh (none)
      "The woman is merely a device, an incubater."

      I'm sure the pro-life women wouldn't appreciate you putting words in their mouths.

      Not all pro-lifers accept that a fertilized egg is a human being, some have no problem selling the morning-after pill or contraceptives (I sell both), but think abortion at a later date is wrong.

      I wouldn't support abortions after 4 months, because Islam says that's when a baby is supposed to receive a soul (and that time also coincides with the completed formation of the baby's brain). Before that, it's not murder but you're interfering with God's process. However, contraceptives are OK, and abortion is permissible when the life of the mother is at risk. Otherwise, abortion in cases of rape only punishes the baby, and it's why we have the Death penalty for rapists.

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