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  •  Armando, I have said before ... (none)
    ... that I do not believe the Constitution explicitly covers the right to terminate pregnancy or the power to stop termination of a pregnancy. Thus, I believe it is left to the people to decide, as is outlined in Amendment X ...

    Amendment X -- The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

    ... and admitting that Amendment IX could be used to say to the people exclusively ...

    Amendment IX -- The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    ... although I do not personally see how Amendment IX would prevent a state legislature from making laws to regulate abortion.

    I do not favor the new South Dakota law. It goes too far in regulating abortion, imo. However, I do not reject the principle that states have a right to legislate abortion laws, subject to federal law that may override it and subject to  court rulings on constitutionality.

    •  Are you more 'Christian' with your transparency? (none)
      Look at your argument: 'leave it up to the people'.

      Great, all that does it to make abortion more expensive AND...more lethal for those going to use a coat hanger for poor women in red states.  The wealthy can afford to go to New York, know the 'Blue States' to get one.

      This argument accomplishes nothing in terms of a woman's right to choose.  And, if you think it will bring us electoral success, I highly doubt it.

      If you said, 'hey, maybe we can win a few votes this way', just say it.

      Armando has correctly identified you as a DLCer with your approach.  I happen to agree and you could quit insulting our intelligence by admitting as much.

      On the other hand, the whole 'nefarious religious reasons' snark is downright offensive.  It's called the separation of church and state.  You can STILL be a Christian and be pro-choice, no matter how much your preacher tells you otherwise.

      This is how I reconcile myself with being a Christian (a Catholic, to be exact...but that might not fit your description of Christian since many of the more vociferous, anti-choice for religious reasons here in Memphis consider us Catholics 'papist freakss):

      Our government does not enforce several of the commandments - namely Keeping the Holy Day Sabbath , Taking the Lord's Name in Vain, Coveting thy Neighbor's Goods/Wife, Worshipping False and Idol Gods.  So our government has no business enforcing something that has NEVER been mentioned in the Bible whatsoever.

      It works for me and the approximately 50-55% of Catholics who are pro-choice.

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