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  •  OK...... (none)
    but what will happen to that zygote if left alone.....and assuming the mother doesn't miscarry which, we would all agree, is no one's fault.
    •  There are (at least) two issues here... (none)
      There is the question of when circumstance or behavior can be termed to have achieved a state of serious "neglect".  In the conversation that I was addressing the question about having abortions more than once seems to be a matter of neglect only if one finds it aesthetically repulsive - since "killing a human" is not the same thing as "having an abortion."  It's not a moral question because moral questions involve duties to other humans and zygotes, sperm, etc are not humans.

      The question about carelessness is mostly rendered moot if it is established that zygotes are humans i.e. citizens -- b/c that's some form of homicide.

      The other issue, about remedial measures:
      IMO, no finger shaking is going to do any good, even imprisonment.  The reason why people behave the way that they do is due to a number of contingent factors.  However the types of experiences that they may have are conditioned by their environment, etc... I think the problem is NOT that they haven't been punished enough, but that they (people) are inundated with messages about identity which (to keep this short) can be summed up as follows: MTV.

      Class conflict is essential if freedom is to be preserved, because it is the only barrier against class domination. -- Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

      by cnkays on Mon Mar 06, 2006 at 01:59:09 PM PST

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