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  •  This is perfect! (none)
    If McCain wins the Republican nomination, the Dems now have the perfect weapon to use against him.

    As long as the Democratic nominee is smart enough not to push the fringe issues on abortion and stick only to the central abortion issues that most Americans agree upon, then they can beat McCain to death with this club he just handed them.

    Forget the fight against late-term ("partial-birth" in righty-speak) abortions.  That fight is done.  Most Americans don't want them legal and their impact is almost nil on the number of total abortions.

    Stick to the mainstream position on abortion: keep them safe, legal, and rare.  Abortion is a bad thing.  But it is nevertheless sometimes the correct choice.  Most Americans believe that abortions should be legal and available, but should not be as easy to get as a hamburger at Mickey-D's.

    Take the central stand on abortion and win in 2006 and 2008.  Keep beating your head against that brick wall of "all abortions all the time" and lose.  It's that simple.

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