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View Diary: SCOTUS Gets It Right on Military Recruiting (212 comments)

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  •  BSA and governement benefits..hiring preferences (none)
    If you become an Eagle scout do you get any advancement within the military?  I did 5 years of JROTC which would have earned me an advancement in rank once I went through basic training (I didnt go).  Now thats obviously a different thing than Boy Scouts but it does say that you can get special treatment for training or experieince that occurs prior to actually entering the military.  I remember a movie where the actor was a boy scout and because of this he got preferential treatment.  Now that was just a movie and a vague memory at that.  So my question is, does being a boy scout get you anything in the real world, specifically in a government job?  If so, can the government give this benefit having this private organization participant in discriminatory practices?  You might not be able to govern the actions of the private party, but should you give it any preferential treatment whatsoever if it discriminates.  I suspect being an Eagle Scout (I was not) and putting that on a resume would be a benefit in the private world.  So I wonder if there are formal benefits to hiring someone that was an Eagle Scout within government hiring.  The same goes to entering military colleges.

    I am an atheist, always have been, but I was a boy scout too....just not a very good one.  I took an oath I did not agree with and did not believe in.   No one ever found out but then I alswo wasn't aware that I didn't belong there.  I can't tie knots either.

    •  not in the slightest (nt) (none)
      •  Actually I suspect there are (none)
        Based on a statement here

        "A typical high school graduate, with no college or "Special Youth Program" (JROTC, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, Eagle Scout, Sea Explorer, etc.) and no prior military service can expect to start out at paygrade E-1".

        Which would mean that Eagle Scout may get the benefits of JROTC.  Which is one grade advancement for 3+ years of service.  I'm not saying they actually do just that I question such a blanket statement as 'not in the slightest'.

        According to a statement here, an Eagle Scout may enlist and get a rank of E-2.

        And if they get this benefit by our government, can they discriminate based on religion...or rather should they be allowed to.   So I believe that not in the slightest is actually wrong.  Obviously these are not really official web sites or authorities but I suspect they are true.  

        •  Reason I mention this (none)
          The reason I mention this is that everytime Ive heard of a lawsuit against the BSA, I haven't heard of it looking at this particular side of the issue.  What would happen if the government were to remove this special treatment for scouts based on the fact that they discriminate?  Now they, the scouts, might continue or it might shame them just a bit more into recognizing their faults better.  It might also at least pop some scouts on the head when they expect this preferential treatment and dont get to have it.  I mean getting to be Eagle Scout means a lot because of what it means on a resume and here, what it means when going into at least one part of governmental service.  You get a jump, even if very slight, on others that went in at the same time as you.  That means something.  Also remember it isnt just about homosexuals which the military already discriminates against.  The BSA discriminates against atheists and others based on religion.

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