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View Diary: SCOTUS Gets It Right on Military Recruiting (212 comments)

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    I think it shows a real lack of intelligence and critical thought to attack the recruiter, in fact it is things like this that explain how our president, an Ivy league graduate, is a true idiot.

    You and the students have decided to blame a military recruiter for doing something he or she has no control over, in fact it something the military itself has no control over.

    Why do people protest the military, instead of holding the politicans who send them into battle accountable. People are quick to jump all over the military for Iraq specifically, but nobody wants to hold any of our elected officials accountable for their policy regarding Iraq, or lack of suggestion regarding alternate policies.

    We do the same thing with the supposed "military industrial complex." In other words, we blame the military because the powers that be in teh Senate and House choose certain programs over others. No greater example is the current Congress in this regard, which continues to spend countless billions on UAV technology that has produced marginal capability, instead of spending money on basic items like body armor.

    It is status quo to blame the military for what they do, last week in a front page kos article people lined up to flame the military for the potential of a civil war in Iraq. The military is doing everything they can over there, what they need is help by their politicans, but instead of the American people helping the military out by demanding better strategies and ideas from our political class, politicans effectively drive communities like this against the military.

    It sounds kindof stupid if you ask me, to blame the guy putting his ass on the line for our country so that we can provide political immunity to a group of leaders in both parties that will willingly put our troops into the line of fire, but refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of what they do.

    If what you are promoting is considered progressive, I would counter that you abusing the dictionary.

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