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View Diary: SCOTUS Gets It Right on Military Recruiting (212 comments)

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  •  Aiming Low (none)
    I'm not cut out to be an attorney...I'd fail miserably at saying black is white or white is black depending on how I was paid.
    I'm not cut out to be an airline pilot....don't have the engineering type brain and probably couldn't stand the hours of boredom followed by seconds of panic.
    I'm not cut out to be an MD or DD....don't have the patience to go thru med school.
    But I did own and operate 5 very successful corporations, while hiring, training, mentoring and highly compensating many good people, raised 3 kids (1 engineer, 1 pharmacist, 1 airline pilot), and before all that, after college served 5 years in the navy where my self worth was elevated to a very high level....couldn't have achieved all I did later without that foundation of discipline, organization, and the ability to work with all sorts of people that the military gave me. Did I like it at the time?...No.  Am I proud of my service? bet.
    The military ain't perfect, neither is the Democratic Party. But they still do their job pretty darn well.

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