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View Diary: It's Not Censorship. The Military Just Really Likes Right-Wing Masturbators, Addicts and Felons (191 comments)

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  •  alternative ways? (none)
    Isn't there some way to thwart this kind of censorship -- akin to what's being done to help the Chinese get access to stuff of which their government doesn't approve? I mean, if they ban list is by IP address, couldn't a system of alternative, mirror IPs be set into place -- maybe even with a set of dynamic IPs and a "netrual" lookup site?

    "In response to state-directed Internet filtering and monitoring regimes many forms of circumvention technologies have emerged in order to allow users to bypass filtering restrictions. In general, circumvention technologies work by routing a user's request from a country that implemented filtering through an intermediary machine that is not blocked by the filtering regime. This computer then retrieves the requested content for the censored user and then transmits the content back to the user." from

    In addition to some legwork stateside, this would of course require that the guys on the ground who want to get to e.g. Wonkette would have to know how to do so, but my impression is that many of them are pretty savvy.

    Anybody out there with enough knowledge of the firewalls used by the .mil admins and DNS to figure this out?

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