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  •  Here it is... (4.00)
    Best of all, it's actually funded by Voice of America.  

    Here's the blurb from ZDNet re: the NPR broadcast.  I'm a marketer, not an engineer, so...I'd really need someone with a bit more savvy in this area to say if we could use it in this case.

    February 16, 2006

    VOA-funded Circumventor software allows Chinese an endrun around censors

    NPR features an interview today with Bennett Haselton, programmer of Circumventor software, which allows users in China to access blocked sites via a compliant machine based outside of China. When you install the software it generates a URL Chinese users can use to use your machine as a proxy for uncensored Web surfing, Haselton explained to NPR's Steve Inskeep.

    Since the software is free, Inskeep wondered how Haselton makes money. The answer, Haselton said, is that Voice of America partially underwrote development, and that his other software projects do pay him. A look at the Circumventor page makes it fairly obvious that supporting Chinese users was a secondary concern in the development.

    Full article at:

    •  Better page... (4.00)
      Here's the instructions from the Circumventor site.

      "...You don't actually install the Circumventor on the computer that is blocked from accessing Web sites. You, or a friend of yours, has to install the Circumventor on some other machine which is not censored.... if you're in China and blocked from accessing certain sites, don't install the Circumventor on a machine in China; instead, get a friend to install it outside China, and then they can send you the URL that you can use to access banned sites."

      Full cite at:

      Hell, if this really works, I'd volunteer to install this for a soldier overseas in a heartbeat.  

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