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View Diary: It's Not Censorship. The Military Just Really Likes Right-Wing Masturbators, Addicts and Felons (191 comments)

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  •  I think this story is b.s. (none)
    Because I'm in Iraq and I can access all of those sites just fine.
    •  Hunter (none)
      didn't say everyone was blocked or that every progressive site was blocked. The post simply quoted what one Marine wrote to Wonkette.

      As far as who is blocked and who is not, or why, the problem with finding out is that getting a straight answer from CentCom or the DoD on anything these days is a pretty dicey process. They've given out bad info and spun so much cotton-candy, they could be telling the God's honest truth about something or lying through their teeth, and there's almost no way to distinguish between the two. Everything they and their DoD/WH operators say has to be doubled checked through as many indie sources as possible. And time after time it turns out to be unreliable to say the least.

      Read UTI, your free thought forum

      by DarkSyde on Tue Mar 07, 2006 at 01:24:29 AM PST

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      •  What we DO know (none)
        Is not much.

        The biggest confusion about the actual events here is that the soldier who has sent two emails to Wonkette cannot provide evidence of why the sites were blocked. His assertions that sites have been blocked are NOT what I doubt, although he could be lying about all kinds of stuff - he could not be a soldier, and he could not have found that those sites are blocked, but I am not doubting a thing that he said.

        But without doubting a thing that he said about what he had seen, that sites had been blocked, and those sites that he noticed being blocked were liberal sites, and he was able to find rightwing sites that were not blocked is NOT evidence that the sites were blocked or not blocked because of their political content.

        The fact that he found liberal sites blocked is not evidence that they were blocked because they are liberal.

        The fact that he found some rightwing sites that were not blocked is not evidence that they were not blocked because they are rightwing sites.

        This is called anecdotal evidence, and it is not evidence of the factual basis upon which these assertions are being made.

        Of course the Bush Administration cannot be trusted to always tell the truth - they have lied to us too many times, and deceived us with distortions, omissions and misstatements way too often.

        I know this.

        It does not mean that the original soldier's statements about blocked sites are evidence.

        I do NOT deny that the Bush Administration has corrupted the Dept of Defense, and the information they provide is sometimes skewed and inaccurate. But that does not mean that THIS information is correct. That's another logical fallacy to claim that because other things are false, this is assuredly false. It's not.

        ...but not your own facts.

        by slouise217 on Tue Mar 07, 2006 at 02:52:22 AM PST

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    •  You are IN Iraq? (none)
      And you can access all those sites from the military computers that are assigned for work duties?

      The issue is work computers, not the computers in the rec areas.

      Supposedly there are sites that are blocked on the work computers. Personal email sites are supposed to be blocked, like yahoo mail, and some sites.

      There's a product called WebSense that filters for certain keywords and other signs and it blocks sites.

      I expect that there ARE sites that are blocked, either to avoid loafing on the job, or because of potential bandwidth issues, or because of keyword searches that lead the filtering software to believe that porn or other restricted content is on the site.

      Can you document that the military work computers allow access to both right and left wing sites? Try to compare apples to apples, like sites that allow user comments and might include links to videos, because the criteria that WebSense uses puts sites into categories.

      ...but not your own facts.

      by slouise217 on Tue Mar 07, 2006 at 02:44:18 AM PST

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