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    you would expect, on a site like this, to see a little more open-mindedness from fellow Kossacks. i seriously recommend going to a friend's house with high speed access. to list the good parts would take a few hours. in the heat of the moment, we all bought the official take and no one returned to it, other than the fact the Administration had some advance notice of an attack. it is simply too devastating to imagine that so much damage could be done and so many lives taken by the American government on American soil. normal people just can't handle that idea. but the questions are really there. please watch the whole thing and decide for yourself.
    •  Not so surprising given others have tried already. (none)
      It is easier to see one thing on the video they don't like or they disagree with and broad brush the whole thing instead of going point by point to prove they buy into the whole official story.

      Also, this seems to be the ONE area where a lot of people are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the neo-cons and to Bush&Co., for whatever reason and so much so in fact, that they are willing to broadly say there is no doubt at all.  Nothing curious at all.  Not one thing.  Nope.  All in order.

      I think it is easy to see how change is so slow to come in any country with this one example.  Challenging one's assumptions is a difficult thing to do.  Easier to stay status quo than to spend time thinking point for point.  Easier to have a closed mind and move on than to leave a subject open for thought.

      •  Alwaysquestion, (none)
        I couldn't agree with you more. It reminds me of a story my great Aunt and Uncle told me about a dozen years ago. They lost their illusions of American grandeur sometime after Kennedy was assassinated. And look how long it took for someone to make a film about that... The human mind is terribly reluctant to let go of what is familiar. And the American mind perhaps even moreso.
      •  But I did not see ONE thing wrong with the movie (none)
        There were countless things wrong with the movie.

        There were countless lies, and untold distortions.

        No one in authority ever tried to say that the buildings collapsed as a result of fire.

        They collapsed as a result of fire AND structural damage and structural weaknesses caused by the fires and by the impacts to the structure.

        Yet these filmmakers insist that 'people' did say that the buildings collapsed because of the fires alone.

        There are many, many flaws similar to this in the film. If someone wants to have an email conversation with me, I will dedicate a day to watch the film again, and will list the 10 biggest errors and distortions, and provide evidence and links to disprove their assertions. It will be pretty easy to do.

        These filmmakers ignored available evidence and distorted much of the evidence that they did use in order to come to the conclusions that they did.

        ...but not your own facts.

        by slouise217 on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 01:32:47 AM PST

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