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  •  I say this with all earnestness: (4.00)
    What I would have YOU do is not what I would have US, as a country, do.

    YOU? All YOU should do is call and write and talk about it till you're blue in the face.

    Because, let's face it, YOU don't intervene. The country might, but WE as individuals rarely really have a say in it.

    But if the US did intervene... could it POSSIBLY be WORSE than NOT intervening? I sincerely do not see how.

    HOWEVER... I am SO not interested in discussing what we OUGHT to do while doing nothing. I think it's enough, at this wretched juncture, to make the noise. These politicians will not be soliciting our opinions as to whether we shuold use US forcers or UN forces or AU forces... fuck, you know how GLAD would be to be at THAT point?

    It's all the sitting around saying to each other, "Well, what would we do? Intervene? We can't be the world's policeman, you know..."

    Ad nauseum, my friend. Heard it all during Rwanda. Then I heard the risible and infamous words, "Never Again" -- abot RWANDA.

    Well, hmm. Did they mean we'd never let it happen again in RWANDA?

    Because it's HAPPENING AGAIN -- in SUDAN.

    You get my meaning? I'd be THRILLED to have the debate, if someone actually had any goddamned plan whatsoever.

    Please don't ask me to propose solutions. I cannot. But does my inability to solve the problem render me ineligible to POINT OUT the problem? To shriek holy hell about the problem? I should hope not.

    •  I see your point (none)
      ...and share your outrage.  I'm not as sanguine as you, I guess, that intervention wouldn't make things worse.  It did in Somalia.  I'm a firm believer that it did in Kosovo, as well.  One of the few instances I can think of where it didn't make things worse was when Vietnam intervened in Cambodia and stopped the genocide there, but that's an exception that stands out in stark relief to the usual results.

      I would urge people not to call for US intervention, at least, but instead call for massive humanitarian assistance and full-on political, financial and logistical support for UN and African Union efforts.

      "When the intellectual history of this era is finally written, it will scarcely be believable." -- Noam Chomsky

      by scorponic on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 02:38:41 AM PST

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