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  •  Oil Dessicates the Soul (4.00)
    The title should be "The Dessicated Soul of a Politic Nation"

    Darfur, Sudan is ALL ABOUT OIL AND CHINA.

    Google Oil Sudan China

    One of the top returns is this...

    The geopolitics and undercover hanky panky are way too complicated for me to understand, much less try to explain.

    The deal that was brokered with one rebel faction last year had to do with that leader getting a cut of the oil revenues.

    The people who have been and are being displaced are from an area that has a lot of oil.

    When Sudan was unable to get their oil development financed by US companies in the late 90's they turned to China. Who was, and is, selling them arms.

    China, as in the 21st Century economic and military superpower... China, as in who is holding our paper and propping up our economy...

    China, who the neocons and other cons are still trying to figure out how to contain, accomodate and make money from without pissing off the tiger.

    Ain't no way, no how Harry Reid or John Kerry or anybody else is going to have any more effect than a fart in a hurricane by protesting this crime against humanity.

    To try to change the Sudanese government means to fuck with China's oil supply. Bush may be stupid, but he and his handlers are not quite that crazy.

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