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  •  Kos, thank you (none)
    But the real work that must be done in Bexar County and South Texas is getting people to the polls. There is a sense of voter apathy, but this is a poor district. People are more concerned with the immediacy of their daily lives and there is a very urgent need for education on the issues here.
    Ciro's campaign was a non-starter from the beginning, and he needed more than just Bexar County. Here we go again, round 2 of Henry watch. No one here plans to stay off his back... do you??
    Link to another perspective.

    "I am a Democrat without prefix, suffix or apology." - Sam Rayburn

    by sandra1113 on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 10:05:32 AM PST

    •  It would seem we need to get... (none)
      ...our seniors on board first...especially those over 100 years of age.

      ..."An abnormally high number of voters in Webb County aged 90 years or older prompted an attorney for the Ciro Rodriguez congressional campaign to request an investigation by the Texas Secretary of State. During the first 4 days of early voting, 93 votes were cast by people 90 or over and 51 were 100 or older." source

      ...But no no fraud...move along...move along...

      ...Seems that pesky humidity kept Webb County from reporting until they knew just how many votes were needed.  Lets review a replay from 2004...

       "In Webb County, which includes Mr. Cuellar's hometown of Laredo, a puzzling outcome: The total number of ballots increased by 115 - all of which went to Mr. Cuellar. He also gained 62 ballots that previously had been counted by machine as blank, while Mr. Rodriguez picked up no such votes.

      Mr. Rodriguez's lawyers said there could be no explanation other than fraud and tampering, noting the Webb County disparity and that the new Cuellar votes all came out of a segregated pool of early votes. They plan to ask a judge as early as next week to toss the election results.

      Several university experts said that mechanical failings and corrections usually harm or benefit both sides randomly - in the same proportion as the overall vote - and that statistically, Mr. Rodriguez should have gotten at least some of the late-added votes since he won one-sixth of the initial Webb County tally.

      Mr. Cuellar's attorneys attributed the new votes to the recount team's separation of "clumped" ballots that were stuck together and not counted by the optical scanning machine on election night."  source

      ...But no fraud...move along...move along...nothing to investigate here...

      "Wonderful things can happen ... when you plant the seeds of distrust in a garden of Assholes" -- Elmore Leonard

      by Blue Shark on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 12:24:21 PM PST

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