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  •  a big boost for local party activists (4.00)
    Thanks goes out to everyone from around the country -- you have no idea what a boost efforts like this can be for local party activists.  My story below shows the kind of crap we have been fighting through -- and believe me the Ciro effort will help reform the party!

    My Story:

    Howard Dean got me to run for precinct chair in 2004. The last two years have been quite the learning experience. Precinct Chairs are often marginalized and denigrated and have to fight to fully express their statutory roles.  Often County Chairs try to do their "own" thing at the behest of the "old guard".  New progressive precinct chairs had to study the State Rules, fight to establish local rules and then fight to chance the State Rules.  There is an elitist current running through every political organization which strives to exclude ordinary people from the process.  The Precinct Chair position battles on the frontline against elitism.  If we organize and unite then truly we will have the power.  Here in Bexar County we have never even had Local Continuing Rules (i.e., charter or by-laws). This has led to rampant abuse by incompetent and/or malfeasant County Chairs. This year a group of 35 progressive precinct chairs finally said "enough" and sued the Chair.  Because of the suit we learned that the Chairs over the years have been circumventing the statutory oversight of the Precinct Chairs by setting up their own secret accounts and putting funds solicited in the name of the "Party" (e.g. the organization of Precinct Chairs) into those secret accounts instead of the Party operating fund.  Attempts by the precinct chairs to elect a treasurer to oversee these finances were blocked by either simply not calling meetings (which led to the lawsuit), blocking such a vote at the meeting, and then finally by refusing to recognize the elected treasurer.  During this process we also got one of our own elected to the State Committee where she was able to change the Party rules so that a procedural hurdle allowing County Chairs to run roughshod over the Precinct Chairs was removed.  This has been quite a struggle, but finally for this upcoming term we have elected one of our own as County Chair and we will institute the first set of Local Rules for this county Party.  Also we are pushing for changes in the State rules which will allow the Precinct chairs to remove an incompetent and/or malfeasant County Chair and to prevent him or her from setting up accounts which circumvent the financial oversight of the Precinct Chairs.  You can see those proposed rule changes which have passed out of various precinct conventions last night here:

    Republican't Leadership is a dangerous combination of cut-backs and incompetence.

    by casamurphy on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 10:14:46 AM PST

    •  Bless you for putting the people (none)
      back into the democratic party.

      I like to think of the Republican Party as an Iceberg--large, white, cold-hearted, not too swift, and can't change direction.

      by DyspepTex on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 10:30:35 AM PST

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