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  •  The best resource I know for STAYING POWER. (4.00)
    On the one hand, there's that Gandhi quote, along the lines of "first they ignore you, then they mock you, and then you win."  (Paraphrase, I know I'm missing a step there.)

    But, for me at least, I found the argument in A Feminist Ethic of Risk by Sharon Welch linked text to be even more powerful than Gandhi's assertion  above.  I read her book right after the Persian Gulf War when I was feeling completely demoralized.  She outlines the "ethic of control" that comes from white middle-class assumptions - assumptions that crazy defense policy makers share with anti-nuclear activists - that only those action whose outcome is guaranteed to have an effect are worth doing.  She contrasts this with an "ethic of risk" she finds in the moral tradition of African-American literature, in which one keeps trying in the face of impossible odds and probable defeat.  When I get down or frustrated over defeats, I remember that book, and it helps out a lot.

    -8.75, -6.10 "Now I am a gay man. I know what a phone service repair man is meant to look like." John Scagliotti

    by dirkster42 on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 10:39:45 AM PST

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