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  •  I truly don't understand (none)
    the whole theory of 'open' primaries.  

    There are political parties that are organizations with members.  Through various state election laws, those parties that recieve a certain threshold of the vote in the last election, or in a certain election (in NY it's the Gubernatorial election) do not have to petition to get their candidates on the ballot.  How they decide who their candidate is should be up to those members.  There are many smaller parties, such as the conservative and liberal parties in NY that don't even have primaries, even tho they have been on the ballot since time immemorial (well ok the Liberal party screwed itself out of a ballot spot, but they deserved it. Schmucks).  I don't see what having a 'open' primary accomplishes.  As Armando said above, independents can make their voices heard in the GE; no one is forcing them out of the political parties, they CHOOSE not to belong.

    I mean folks, its not hard to register with a party, you can do it when you register to vote in most states.  If, as some people claim, you live in a one-pary area, such as NYC, where a primary victory is tantamount to election, then, if you want to decide during the primary YOU JOIN THE PARTY!!!!  I mean, this is not rocket science.  Joining the party does not put any obligation on you whatsoever.  If you CHOOSE not to belong, then don't come whining on primary day that you want to play too.  The organization is there.  You dona wanna join, you dona getta vote.

    The end.

    •  This becomes really sticky... (none)
      When you live in a red area of a blue state.  Every primary election I would have to decide whether the local or statewide or national primaries are more important and change my party affiliation to vote.  I will never vote for the other guys worst candidate, I always vote for the option that I would feel the most comfortable with even in the opposition party.

      When the primary election IS the general election, you have to play that game.  I will not concede the republican primary in my home area.

      Trust in God, all others bring data.

      by Mlle L on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 12:54:22 PM PST

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      •  Sorry I was working, but (none)
        this is exactly NOT what political parties are about.  I am assuming that you are a Democrat ZNd you live in a heavily Republican district.  You say that you don't want to concede who the Republican nominee is, however, from what you wrote, I am assuming (perhaps mistakenly) that you would vote for the Dem in the GE anyway. As such, you should have no right to pick your candidate's opponent, just as, if you read all of the posts above, the Repubs should have had no say in this primary. If you are a Democrat and your district is as heavily Repub as you say then your remedy is work within your party to try to change that.  Its not to switch back and forth between parties so you don't 'miss out' on every primary that comes along.
        Let me take your example to an extreme.  You vote in the Repub primary for a candidate who, via his ads, has made it quite clear that he's, well, nuts.  I mean certifiable.  Not only that, but you get many of your friends to vote for him, the sole purpose being that were he to run in the GE, he would certainly lose to a Dem candidate that you REALLY  want to win.  That is dishonest, no matter which side does it (and don't tell me that he wouldn't win.  This is my hypothetical, I make the rules.  It was merely to make a point).
        I would Love to be able to determine who the Repub opponent of any Dem presidential candidate is, but i'm a Democrat.  I CAN'T!!!!!  You don't get to play every game sometimes.

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