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  •  The problem (none)
    goes beyond gerrymanders, however -- at least for independent voters.

    What if an independent voter really happens to like Mr. X, who's running in the Dem primary this year, but doesn't like any of the other Republican or Democratic candidates? Should we reduce her choices to only the primary winners, in which case she probably won't vote at all?

    And I'm not sure if the complete answer is that they should just change their party registration. First, why should they have to align themselves with a party simply to vote for an individual that they like? Second, the registration process is so cumbersome in many states that it will only discourage participation, because indpendent voters who otherwise would vote won't want all the headaches involved with party switches and/or they might miss cumbersome registration deadlines.

    Democrats will fight for a Renewed Deal with the American people.

    by Hoyapaul on Wed Mar 08, 2006 at 11:27:28 AM PST

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