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View Diary: Kicking the CO2 habit:Wedding Great Lakes Wind to Water (19 comments)

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    Here is a study I did on the wind potential of the Great Lakes. For the 0 to 20 meter depths using 2004 technology, the average capacity of the Great lakes from wind power is 150 GW ( = 1,314,900 GW-hr/yr = 1,314,900,000 MW-hr/yr). It is about enough electricity to supply 27% of all the electricity currently used in the US and Canada.

    If you go to a dpeth limit of 40 meters, the wind power capacity goes to ~250 GW, which is 45 % of the amount of electricity used in both the US and Canada (averages about 550 GW).

    The link can be found at --> "A Great Potential"

    Dave Bradley

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