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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Hey Bev (1.52)
    Was Ion Sancho hammered or was he simply chastised for missing a deadline for a grant?

    Your diary is such insane bullshit that I can't even believe YOU posted this.

    You have no better ally than Ion Sancho.....if you were actually for election reform.  

    Thing is, Bev, YOU"RE NOT.  All you care about is lining your fuckin pockets with the lawsuit settlements that are, well, lining your pockets.

    You are a disgrace  to the cause for election reform and those who blindly recommended this diary just recommended slandering one of the most non-partisan and highly favored election reform Sup of Elections in the entire nation.


    •  Read the fucking diary (3.75)
      She says nothing defamatory about Sancho. In fact she appears to be praising him throughout for his courage and leadership in this fight against Diebold.
      •  Hi ratings abuser (1.50)
        Know who the fuck she's talking about before you accept what she's saying lock, stock, and barrel.  It's a weeks old story here and I might know something about it since I live about 3 blocks from his fuckin office and it's been the front page story for the few days that it occurred...(and if you think the story is what Bev is feeding you then you're a fucking moron of gargantuan proportions....and I'll take it there since you decided you knew without find your own fuckin answers).  Capiche?  

        She used a bullshit story (that she used previously here) to slander Sancho.  Got issues?   Go read for can abuse the system again and troll rate my ass I don't give a shit.

        If you can't do your own research beyond what others already know about.....the Sancho story....which she has grossly mislead on.....multiple times.......then sorry...that's your problem, not mine.

        If you rate on your ignorance....well, after reading this moronic bullshit, I'd expect it.  :-)

        •  Sorry- it's you problem (none)
          You still got nothing. Fool.
          •  no, it's not his problem (4.00)
            ratings abuse is a problem caused by a few users who have no respect for the rules of Daily Kos.  thanks to community moderation, you are always found out, always caught redhanded and always called to account.  just something you might want to think about, azureblue, the next time you feel like troll-rating a respected member of this community for childish revenge . . . . don't think you want a lot of people watching your ratings history and patterns, but that's exactly what will happen.
            •  having looked again, this is a real problem (4.00)
              and all of you who zero or one-rated tlh lib should have your ratings privileges revoked.  most of these names are very high userids and haven't posted any comments at all - ever.

              why don't you cowards who hate free speech go to the forums at BBV so you can worship uninterupted?  shame on you.  troll-rating because you disagree is low but I see you take example from your ph33rless leader who by her own admission is a ratings abuser as well.

          •  Don't tell me (4.00)
            You must be a proud owner of one of Bev's premium Monica cigars.   Just like the rest of her cult, anything she says you're there to fawn over without question like a true servant of  propaganda and bullshit which Bev is a master of.

            Being called a fool by someone of that ilk is a badge of honor :-)   Capiche?

      •  His fight against Diebold? (none)
        Tell me EXACTLY what you think the prize is in this "fight" against Diebold???

        I really suspect you have no idea and Bev hopes that you don't because she certainly hid it in her diary.

        This current "fight" will get Ion Sancho some updates to go on his shiny Diebold election equipment.  So...seriously, do you think that is a great thing?

        It IS defamatory for her to write that he was "in tears" and all her melodramatic bullshit...he is doing his job, he's got no choice...but he is not fighting to get rid of electronic voting machines anymore, he is fighting to get Diebold to sell him machines because he must outfit his county with them before the deadline or risk losing his job (and risk losing the HAVA money to pay for the machines).

        Bev drowns the real story in so much bullshit you have no idea what is really going on's all angled so she looks like some freaking hero, but all she has done is screw over Ion Sancho and risk his job.  

        She proved you could hack the machines...well GREAT...Ion still has to use them.

        If he "wins", his county is STILL stuck with these machines....if he "loses", he's probably out of a job and his county will STILL get these machines....there is no victory.  The real story is that Florida only allows 3 vendors to sell and there are no alternatives...but that story didn't make Bev out to be a hero, did it?

        •  I dont know - how are tears a problem? (none)
          I think it is a compliment that someone cares enough to cry about these things.

          I have certainly cried about what is happening to our democracy.

          -6.13,-6.33 America's Security is not for sale

          by biscobosco on Fri Mar 10, 2006 at 11:37:21 AM PST

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        •  I do agree (none)
          with you here though:
          The real story is that Florida only allows 3 vendors to sell and there are no alternatives..

          Or I guess I would say that that is a big deal which is missed here. I think that it gets peoples attention to learn a human story. But that fact is sadly missing.  I would like to learn more about the dirty dealing behind the scenes which is keeping Sancho from choosing alternatives like votepad.

          -6.13,-6.33 America's Security is not for sale

          by biscobosco on Fri Mar 10, 2006 at 11:40:03 AM PST

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        •  Have you talked to Ion Sancho or read up? (0+ / 0-)

          In fact what he is pushing for is using IVS vote-by-phone for the disabled.

          updates to go on his shiny Diebold election equipment

          The IVS system allows the disabled to use a phone at the precinct which dials into a central system - this system then marks a normal paper op-scan ballot, which can be then processed in the same fashion as all the other op-scan ballots.

          He appears to be challenging the system, which prevents vendor choice by election officials. It is worse in many states. In my state the majority of the individual counties have been given exactly 1 and only one choice, Diebold  for accesible voting stations.

    •  Calm down. (4.00)
      I know you're not a troll and I am rating you up to balance out the 0's you got. But perhaps a diary on these issues after you have cooled off would help advance the discussion for those of us not in the know. Or even an interview with Sancho, since you live in the area.
      •  right (none)
        we can all get "trollish"  when we hit issues which piss us off. I have no problem with going through Bev's, and anyone else's facts with a fine-toothed comb. but this is the kind of stuff I have a problem with:
        Get a fucking clue, Bev.   You are slandering ION FUCKIN SANCHO NOW?   WOW.  You're seriously sleaze only out for your own grandstanding if you've sunk this low.    Why the fuck are you posting here?

        ... You're sellin snakeoil.

        I hope Ion Sancho sues your ass.  Fortunately our county here has an elected official that makes you look like sewage water after it's been taken into an alligator's mouth and shitted out it's ass.

        I read that, and I get that he is really pissed off. But the profanity and insults don't help me understand anything. Instead it makes tlh lib look like a troll.  It would be more convincing to present a clear, factual diary on the issue.

        -6.13,-6.33 America's Security is not for sale

        by biscobosco on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 11:03:55 AM PST

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        •  I see that you troll-rated him (none)
          Instead it makes tlh lib look like a troll.

          and I'm calling you on it, 'cuz you are a proven troll with multiple hidden comments.  learn to use the ratings system, you simple-minded troublemaker.  I used to pity you but now I see you aren't kidding . . . . . .  amazingly, you really are that stupid.  

          •  I did not troll-rate tlh lib (none)
            I troll-rated his comment because not only is it an enormous amount of abusive profanity directed at a person....

            It is  of  no use because he gives no links or evidence to back up what he says. He does not help the case against Bev. In fact he makes people who have been harmed by her look whack.

            Look, you folks have been wronged by Bev right? you are anonymous here right? you got facts on your side right? why dont you give all the facts to DHinMI and have him make a kick-ass diary about it? Front-page it? then we can get all this shit out of the way, and get on to the real stuff.

            In the meantime, what do you think the best approach is to help Ion Sanchez in Florida?

            I talked to a local elections activist here, and he respects Ion highly, since he has worked with him personally.  He thinks we should all contact our local elections officials to get the word out. I am going to do this tomorrow, and send out to all my friends who care to do the same..

            Avila, I know you are big on election integrity also. What actions do you think are useful right now to help Ion Sanchez?

            -6.13,-6.33 America's Security is not for sale

            by biscobosco on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 06:27:27 PM PST

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        •  He should write such a diary. (none)
          You and others should quit giving him troll-ratings.
          •  when he does (none)
            I will.

            Facts, links to evidence, and no unsubstantiated accusations.

            Basic stuff.

            -6.13,-6.33 America's Security is not for sale

            by biscobosco on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 06:43:59 PM PST

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            •  LOL (4.00)
              I could give a rat's ass if you troll rate me, Bisco.    I find it quite revealing that your troll ratings sit alongside Plutonium Page, musing85, Avila, and others 4s.   Says a lot about your troll ratings ;-)  

              Whose opinion do you think I put more stock in....

              I'll give you 10 guesses and it starts with "any of them besides you".

            •  hey, clueless (4.00)
              when I've already posted facts, why does someone else need to repost?  why do you think troll-rating is necessary because someone didn't repost the same info that I posted?  you are a blatant ratings abuser and don't try to act all coy and innocent and invite me to Yet Another Project You Want Someone Else To Do.  get your martyr on, girl.  I don't hang out with cowardly drive-by abusers of site policies . . . . and even if tlh lib doesn't care?  I care.  if you don't have the decency to change your ratings, I will never, ever tell you all the juicy stuff I know that you've been trying to pry outta me for weeks now.  capiche? :)

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