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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Bev for Newbies (3.14)
    have to go to DU to read some of these links, but reposted at the request of a front pager.

    Bev Harris has done more damage to this issue by her pursuit of cash and fame. She has alienated countless reporters in print and TV with her legal threats and abusive rants which makes legitimate activists job that
    much harder.

    Keith Olbermann.

    Randi Rhodes.

    (Bev claimed that Randi's show raised only $23,000 for her. Insiders put the figure at $300,000)

    This is not about opinion or points of view, it is about fact. The links above discredit Bev with her own words. Bev's rebuttals to this
    evidence is denial, distortion and new lies, either directly on her site or here by proxy.

    Bev has damaged people's reputation, cost them large sums of money with her legal bullying (and I am not talking about Diebold and election
    officials, I am talking about her former
    activists and helpers) and wasted much of their time dealing with her foolishness.

    She has impugned the integrity of established liberals on this board and elsewhere and accused even John Kerry and the Democratic party of conspiring to suppress evidence of vote fraud (huh????).

    If you are going to defend Bev, please spare us the following:

    1) "It doesn't matter if Bev libels people and lies as long as she stops BBV". (the ends justify the means).

    Do I really have to explain to liberals why this is immoral?

    2) "Bev said..."

    We have heard Bev's claims. We have seen no evidence to back up these claims. We have been very careful to document our claims with links, and emails (Bev's own words). The word of someone caught in multiple lies is not "proof".

    3) "Bev has saved the world, what have you done?"

    sigh If you really wanted to know (and I don't think you do) you could avail yourself to Google and find out what we are doing. We never
    claimed to be saving the world, just fighting paperless voting the best we can.

    4) "After all Bev did..."

    Bev didn't do it on her own, she had help, LOTS of help. She rewarded the people who helped her by publicly smearing them.

    5) "Prove to me that Bev..."

    I've posted the proof. Read the links.

    6) "No, point me to a summary or specific post that proves your case."

    Sorry. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, we require our proofs to be read IN CONTEXT. Anything else
    would be unfair and deceptive. Reading and thinking is hard work. It's why we are liberals and not freepers.

    It is regrettable this is necessary, but Bev's "help" is making our job harder.

    •  Don't obsess on the person. (4.00)
      There is clearly a crisis there, and many of us would not know about it without BevHarris. It is clear from the primary memo that the Orwellian "Help America Vote Act" has been deployed to usurp local power over elections by Republicans resentfully perverting the rights of the disabled as a pretext for ending accountability.

      No one is going to totally tune out BevHarris because of an attack on her character. We make our own judgments about her assertions, and as raw material for consideration they're very much worth the effort.

      I have no doubt that your own take on this issue would be a safer foundation for deliberation. And I confess to being not much interested in whether BeHarris is running a racket; she has been the first to bring nefarious operations to public attention and to my own attention, and publicity has been her principal role.

      I do very much appreciate that you are not attempting to use BevHarris to create a a blanket charge of lunacy-by-association against anyone who tries to keep this critical issue from being back-burnered.

      Obviously you and other activists have been hurt by that very same guilt-by-association coming from political and press quarters. Whether agenda-driven or not, that is another layer of obstruction.

      But don't worry that we might not be allowed valid election counts because BevHarris doesn't know how to behave. That's an old and powerful and still dangerous anxiety that the absence of civil rights is justified by the bad manners of the abused and indignant.

      •  AMEN... (4.00)
        I have very mixed feeling about BH.  I recall seeing her on TV w/ Howard Dean in summer '04 and being fairly impressed by her.  I've heard things to the contrary since then.  As is exemplified by this diary, she tends to throw around a lot of scattershot allegations at times.

        All that being said, we must acknowledge that she raises valid questions that few others seem to be raising.  Prior to 11/00, I took, as an article of faith, the view that our electoral process was about as fair and as accurate as humanly possible.  I now know that I might as well believe that a fat man in a red suit brings my kids toys every Xmas.

        The fact that results were held back for hours in Cuellar's stronghold in Webb County just 2 days ago brought up some ugly memories from 2000 and 2004.  It's possible that everything was done properly there, and Cuellar fairly won a clear majority.   It's also possible that returns were deliberately w/held there until they knew how many votes they would need to ensure victory.

        We don't know which of those 2 possibilities are true, and, sadly, we will never know.  In light of their success in stealing the 2000 election, the Rethugs decided to institutionalize voter fraud.  I'd like to see others besides BH carrying the banner on this vital issue, but I'm more than willing to listen to her allegations w/ an open mind.

        Some men see things as they are and ask why. I see things that never were and ask why not?

        by RFK Lives on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 08:39:07 AM PST

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