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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Let me make it simple for you (3.50)
    Harris:--But the security measures aren't really in.
    •  More SIMPLE, even (3.00)
      Shelley: ....and in others we put in security measures. But I--

      Harris:--But the security measures aren't really in.

      Not only does she call him a LIAR, she interrupts him to do so.

      She couldn't WAIT to do so.

      She didn't give him the courtesy of finishing his reply.

    •  Let me make it simple for you? (4.00)
      Simply commenting that the "security measures aren't really in" hardly qualifies for headlines screaming that she called the California Sec of State a liar.

      And by the way, you can leave your condescending attitude at the door next time.  I don't quite see how I deserve to be the recipient of your anger toward Bev for merely asking a question.

      •  Uh, excuse me (3.14)
        Where do you see headlines?  I think you've mistaken me for Bev Harris.

        And let me try this one more time.......

        Election official says "we have security measures in place" and Harris says "no you don't" and you somehow construe that as NOT calling the man a liar???????

        Here's the deal.  We all have questions and issues with some of these folks - Shelley included.  But airing them live on the air, on television, while being INVITED to discuss your issue IS NOT THE PLACE TO AIR THEM.

        In that single attack, she removed Kevin Shelley AND Howard Dean from the fight against electronic voting.

        Neither of them has made this THEIR issue since that show aired.

        Thank Ms. Harris.

        •  The point is: (4.00)
          Telling someone they are incorrect is not the same as calling them a liar.

          I'm sure that Bev is the AntiChrist.

          But you aren't doing your side much good with your incoherent ranting.

          congratulations on your foreskin -- osteriser

          by bartman on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 05:17:40 AM PST

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          •  LOL, wanna talk about incoherent (2.71)
            Read the original diary.  The diary is full of lies, half truths and one sided reports.

            Supplying FACTS isn't incoherent nor ranting.  And the simple FACT is that Bev Harris called Kevin Shelley a liar on the air.

            One more FACT for you.  From that date forward, Howard Dean refused to discuss the issue of electronic voting in public.

            Perhaps you should question, given her history, whether or not it is the Harris goal - destroy any CREDIBLE activists and elections officials so the press can ignore it.

            You might want to pay VERY CLOSE attention to what she did recently to VoteTrustUSA - in an attempt to destroy their credibility because they were being so effective.

            Yeah, watch Bev Harris closely.........she's not an ALLY on this issue.

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