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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Meanwhile...back at the ranch (1.87)
    Hey, here is an idea.

      Let's talk about what we might actually DO about the fact that elections are being stolen with Black Box machines.

    I believe extraordinary circumstances merit extraordinary measures.  Seems to me we are on the brink of the literal collapse of American democracy, the financial future of our country, and the environmental destabilization of our planet.

    Because elections are being STOLEN.

    What would Tom Paine, Ethan Allen,Thomas Jefferson do?

    They would ACT, not sit around and whine, that's what.  Don'tcha kinda think?

    They might do some of the following:

    1.  Organize a nationwide "Boston Tea Party" event on voting day, and, with tens of thousands of patriots ready to take the consequences to save Democracy, simultaneously smash every electronic voting machine in the country to bits.

    2.  Get some of those computer-savvy fellows ( you know who you are!  :D  )  together and, instead of letting the Republicans hack the vote - why not WE HACK the VOTE?

        Hey- it's our turn, right?  :D

                   Seriously,     hack the election.  Do it so the Democrats or "Daffy Duck" comes up with 100% of the vote.  Demonstrate the corruption with the Republicans losing, and THEY will reluctantly have to give the scam up.

    3)  George Soros where are you??  Will somebody HONEST please start a REAL voting machine company, one with open code, no backdoors, and a real paper trail?

    *  Why do I seem to alone here recommending civil disobediance?  Why are we so frightened, so willing to back away from what we all know, deep within our hearts, is the only real option left to us?  Just how cowardly have we become?

    •  Foolish comment (3.42)
      Hacking an election is a federal offense.  I note you are calling on someone other than yourself to risk going to jail.

      Please don't do this irresponsible call for a hack.

      •  hacking is fed offense (none)
        In light of what Bev has exposed, I hope you see the irony of your comment.
        •  I guess that means you're VOLUNTEERING? (none)
          To hack the voting machines?  Go for it.

          My point was the diarist was calling on someone else to put his/her ass on the line, not them.

          So, you're qualified?  Please, hack the machines.  I'll even promise to visit you in federal prison if you do.

          •  Reply to vgebert: (none)
            I don't have a clue how to hack a computer, hence my use of the terms "those" (of you), and "you" ( not "we" ).

            Yes - I AM exhorting other people to acts of civil disobediance. How does that denigrate my message?

              Chrimminy, just posting such a thing here, of all places, might result in a knock on my door from Bush's brownshirts.

            And the others whom I exhort would obviously act gladly, and not behave in a fashion Patrick Henry would likely label something like  "cowardly".

    •  I am with you (none)
      On civil disobediance. I totally agree. I think we have to take physical action to bring attention to it. You get a 4 from me.

      Participate in the CITIZENS GOVT REFORM ACTwe need your help!

      by irishamerican on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 06:18:59 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  that makes two of us (none)

      Interesting, we both thought of the Boston Tea Party.

      Re. Soros, all he needs to do is set up (or contract with) a printing plant and offer to print paper ballots at a sufficiently low price that there is no way to decline the deal.  And for that matter he could offer to pay the cost of the entire hand-count process from sea to shining sea.  And if he couldn't do it solo, he plus Bill Gates certainly could.  

      But as for "better computerized voting machines," that's like "better segregated schools," there is no computerized voting system that's as resistant to tampering as good oldfashioned paper.  And I say this as a professional geek for more than 20 years.  The only acceptable voting system is the paper ballot counted by hand.  

    •  I agree (none)
      it's past fighting with words now.We need drastic measures now or we will forever ponder over what we could have done. As we have seen this administration and corporations are set to take out freedom of speech on the net. Then what? Tell me what we do then?

      These people in power as well as corporations are being absolutely brutal with our lives! They are attacking us on every front. Let me ask the people who think we should still fight with words and depend on elections to win back freedom. If your family was attacked for six years straight would you finally get up and kick some ass? Or would you keep talking and hoping?

    •  Gingerbaker... (none)
      You are not alone.  But I feel your pain, man.  I got hauled off to the woodshed in this dairy for having the audacity to suggest that we might, at some point, actually have to (gasp!) fight to protect our liberties and reclaim our country from these right-wing degenerates.  The mere suggestion that preserving democracy might require any action more assertive than typing on a keyboard is apparently too much for some people to stomach.  I just pray these people would wake up and realize that we're no longer simply fighting for equality and civil rights, as important as those struggles were; we are fighting for the very existence of this country as a viable, functioning democracy.  And if we don't wise up and start taking some decisive action, we'll soon be fighting for our lives.  I don't know about you, but I don't want live in a country that mandates state-sponsored Sunday sermons preaching the world according to James Dobson.  And if you think I'm crazy, read this.

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