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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Foolish comment (3.42)
    Hacking an election is a federal offense.  I note you are calling on someone other than yourself to risk going to jail.

    Please don't do this irresponsible call for a hack.

    •  hacking is fed offense (none)
      In light of what Bev has exposed, I hope you see the irony of your comment.
      •  I guess that means you're VOLUNTEERING? (none)
        To hack the voting machines?  Go for it.

        My point was the diarist was calling on someone else to put his/her ass on the line, not them.

        So, you're qualified?  Please, hack the machines.  I'll even promise to visit you in federal prison if you do.

        •  Reply to vgebert: (none)
          I don't have a clue how to hack a computer, hence my use of the terms "those" (of you), and "you" ( not "we" ).

          Yes - I AM exhorting other people to acts of civil disobediance. How does that denigrate my message?

            Chrimminy, just posting such a thing here, of all places, might result in a knock on my door from Bush's brownshirts.

          And the others whom I exhort would obviously act gladly, and not behave in a fashion Patrick Henry would likely label something like  "cowardly".

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