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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Repost for trolls (2.75)
    This one is easy (0.50 / 2)

    Bev Harris rides on the back of those working for REAL election reform for her fundraising.

    THAT'S what is scandalous.

    Like every other Harris whistleblower/election official, she cares NOTHING about protecting/helping them - just using them.

    She's USING Ion Sancho.

    Like she uses everyone else.

    To put money in her pocket.

    She burns her sources and then uses their dead bodies for fundraising

    •  I'm sorry, but this is just slander. (none)
      I don't know of one thing Bev Harris has done that is wrong except not show up at an interview with Keith Olbermann and with Randi Rhodes and they were annoyed.  Everything else is just swift-boating.
      •  yep (2.25)
        yep I wonder how much these annoying lil trolls tlh lib, and vgebert get paid by diebold to derail every Harris thread?
        •  Bev Harris is the only one taking Diebold money (3.40)
          Her and Jim March.  

          No one has to be paid to tell the truth.

          •  Kurt Vonnegut per nyceve "believes:" (none)
            Vonnegut takes an easy chair across from Prof. Manuel Luis Martinez, a poet and teacher of writing. He grabs Martinez and semi-whispers into his ear (and the mike) "What can I say here?"

            Martinez urges candor.

            "Well," says Vonnegut, "I just want to say that George W. Bush is the syphilis president."

            The students seem to agree.

            "The only difference between Bush and Hitler," Vonnegut adds, "is that Hitler was elected."

            "You all know, of course, that the election was stolen. Right here."

            •  Of course, you realize (3.80)
              That Ion Sancho's reaction to proving Diebold machines could be hacked was to try and purchase ES&S machines, right?

              Seriously, folks.........without a SOLUTION, the attacks only mean we jump from the frying pan into the fire.

              I put this question to someone long ago........

              OK, let's say we're entirely successful and we get Diebold run out of the election business.  What is your solution once that happens??????????

              Because, quite frankly, when and if we kill Diebold, there are multiple vendors waiting in the wings to be the NEXT vendor of record.

              The issue is ELECTRONIC VOTING in it's entirety - not Diebold nor republicans.

              The ISSUE is outsourcing elections.

              Now, tell me what Bev Harris has done to address THAT issue?

            •  Vonnegut isn't that dumb (4.00)
              He knows Hitler was never elected to anything.
              •  Um... (none)
                Per wikipedia for laziness sake:

                "Campaigning still continued, with the Nazis making use of paramilitary violence, anti-Communist hysteria and the government's resources for propaganda. On election day, 6 March, the NSDAP increased its result to 43.9% of the vote, remaining the largest party, but this success was marred by its failure to secure an absolute majority. Hence, Hitler had to maintain his coalition with the DNVP, which jointly had gained a slim majority."

                Then August 19, 1934, Hitler was elected Fuhrer (95.7% of German voters).

                After that of course, he created the Third Reich... were you listening in history class?

                •  Um (4.00)
                  I'm a modern European historian, and the Nazi period is my area of specialization. I've forgotten more about that period of history than you'll ever know.

                  The 1934 elections came AFTER the Nazis had banned the Social Democrats and the Communists, and "encouraged" all the rest of the independent parties to disband "voluntarily." The August 1934 vote was a plebiscite, not an election--it was Hitler going to the voters and asking them to rubber-stamp his decision to abrogate the Weimar Constitution and illegally combine the powers of the presidency and the chancellorship. They did not "elect" him Führer--he appointed himself to that post and asked "permission" later.

                  Nor was Hitler elected to the post of Reichskanzler that put him in a position to create himself Führer after von Hindenburg's death in 1934. He was appointed to that post, by von Hindenburg (albeit reluctantly).

                  Have you ever taken a history course?

                  •  i guess i'm wrong.. (none)
                    ..if i'm arguing with a history buff but it appears to me that there was an election after Hitler was appointed to Chancellor....
                  •  however... (none)
           appears that Bush's rise to power somewhat resembles that of Hitler, per election 2000:

                    On January 30, 1933, Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor. As Hitler historian Alan Bullock put it:

                    "Hitler came to office in 1933 as the result, not of any irresistible revolutionary or national movement sweeping him into power, nor even of a popular victory at the polls, but as part of a shoddy political deal with the 'Old Gang' whom he had been attacking for months... Hitler did not seize power; he was jobbed into office by a backstairs intrigue."

                    •  A point (4.00)
                      I've made myself, numerous times, both here and elsewhere. Still doesn't mean that Hitler was elected to office (or that Bush was, for that matter). In both cases, I would say that the means of seizing power were technically legal but highly constitutionally questionable.
          •  Now she's taking Diebold money? (none)
            What's next, she was part of the UN Oil for Food scandel?

            You throw around a lot of allegations with NO SOURCES whatsoever.  

            Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space because there's bugger all down here on Earth.

            by bawbie on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 07:13:26 AM PST

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      •  Not slander, TRUTH (4.00)
        She burned Stephen Heller.  He's facing jail.

        She burned Kevin Shelley.  He was run out of office.

        She burned Ion Sancho.  He's facing being run out of office.

        She burned David Allen.  He's facing bankruptcy.

        She burned Roxanne Jekot.  She's already experienced bankruptcy.

        She burned Andy Stephenson.  He died at her hands.

        The list is endless.

        Bev Harris has burned every source she ever had.

      •  Well, it's more than not showing up... (4.00)
        BH was belligerent and threatening with KO's staff to the point that KO had to ban her from the show when he has consistently been the only one to investigate voting irregularities in the msm.  

        Look, I've got no axe to grind in this.  My feeling is that until there is a paper trail there should be NO electronic voting - Diebold or other.  VMs are too easy to hack.  But it's clear that the messenger has made some questionable calls along the way, at best.

        What I would like to see is a diary on this same topic from someone like DHinMI or PlutoniumPage that addresses some of the points of the Ion Sancho story.  Or maybe Paul Douglas Fan can repost his comment as a diary.  We need to raise the level of the discussion here from name calling.  I'm fairly certain that every BH story will devolve to this point.

        So, jump in, guys, and provide your own diary on this topic.  From my standpoint, unfortunately, BH lost alot of credibility since 12/2004 in the same way that people who are justifiably outraged resort to calling other people "assholes" lose credibility in these threads.  Her motives may be suspect.  Follow the trails and become disillusioned.  Still this topic is important when covered objectively.  

        "Now if people got problems and they got problems with people oh yeah I know what it is to be there." - DW

        by ScantronPresident on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 07:21:28 AM PST

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    •  yep you use good old Rethug tactics (none)
      Don't like the message? Shoot the messenger.
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