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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  Okay (none)
    But do you see any attack on Ion Sancho whatsoever in this diary, even though "tlh lib" has called it slanderous about 100 times?
    •  I can't answer for tlh lib (4.00)
      I can only answer for my own posts.

      I don't know tlh lib or any of the other diarists on this site with the exception my personal interactions with Bev Harris.

      I know her to be a user.  A person who publicly slanders anyone who dares to disagree with her or call her on her lies.

      I know many people, personally, who have been subjected to her verbal abuse and public accusations.

      I know people who have suffered at her hand and been left to deal with the fallout (Rob Behler and his seven kids would be one such set of victims, Stephen Heller another, Andy Stephenson yet another).

      Bev Harris has an agenda - and it is NOT to right the issue of electronic voting.  It is to feather her nest.  Nothing more, nothing less.

      The price exacted for Bev Harris' feathering is a great one, indeed.

      •  Okay (4.00)
        But what the heck is wrong with this diary, other than the identity of the author?

        I never felt like clicking the "recommend" button implies an endorsement of the author's worth as a human being. Silly me, I just think it implies the diary contains useful and relevant information.

        •  I didn't say there was a THING wrong with it (4.00)
          In fact, I told tlb (whatever) I thought all the recommends were a GOOD thing.  That way we could make sure more people saw the truth about Bev Harris.

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