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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  most recent example (4.00)
    in a very, very long series? Steve Heller.  

    ask yourselves why Steve is facing three felony charges right now and should have had whistleblower protection from day one, but Steve didn't. Bev and her business partner filed a Qui Tam lawsuit, collected the bounty and burned Steve.

    ask Bev why Steve, the whistleblower, wasn't named on the Qui Tam - but she was.

    ask her why Steve turned over the Diebold documents to her partner, which led directly to Steve's arrest? do you honestly think Steve saw that coming? why did Bev cover her own ass when she had nothing to lose and everything to gain?

    he should never have been arrested.  if you don't see the outrage in hanging a whistleblower out to dry for your own financial gain, then you don't see it.  please try to keep an open mind and realize Steve Heller is in a world of trouble right now . . . . . and he's not the first.  I'm not going to stand here and shut up about the facts 'cuz these pesky facts are so very "trollish" and annoying to some people . . . . . you want to find out what annoying is?  pay attention and do some research instead of lapping up every lie you read.

    •  You don't seem too interested in the truth. (none)
      You can certainly learn the facts on the Heller case if you do some legal research or if you do some public records requests.

      Start with this: Find any citation anywhere that actually substantiates your claims that

      a) A single red cent of Diebold money has ever gone into my pocket for anything, ever, at all.

      b) Putting someone's name on a Qui Tam suit does anything whatsoever to protect against prosecution for whistleblowing.

      One of the most important things to do in any investigation of public misconduct is to look at what's missing.

      What's missing here is any focus whatsoever on the real question: Why, when Steven Heller's documents went directly to the California attorney general, directed to Bill Lockyer himself, and the documents clearly showed preparations for a criminal defense based on a pattern of criminal conduct, did the attorney general not investigate?

      Why, when the secretary of state of California recommended to the attorney general that Diebold be prosecuted for fraud, did the attorney general not investigate or do anything at all?

      We have met the bad guys, folks, and they is not us. I am more and more impressed in reading these threads, seeing the American public's ability to see through the propaganda haze.

      Here's a quote from an excellent post on BradBlog's recent story about trolls, appropriately called "It's hard out here for a Pimp" -- that story is still on his home page, and worth a read. Here's a quote that shows what we're seeing here:

      "Getting in to long discussions without offering any substantial proof is pointless... "The moon landing was all staged. The company that made the lander has admitted that the lander can't support atmosphere on it's own so anyone inside would have been exposed to space. Further, the shuttle that was supposed to have brought the lander out of Earth's atmosphere was outfitted with TL-4553-GLX engines (4 of them), those engines don't supply enough thrust to launch the weight of the lander and crew, and in fact can barely provide the thrust to lift the engines and fuel to orbit".

      "So.. I guess I just proved that the landing on the moon was fake? Sounds serious enough.."

      Problem is, none of the claims were substantiated.

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