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View Diary: WY (R) Senator escalates war on women's health care (78 comments)

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  •  sure it was Bush? (4.00)
    HIPAA might predate this admin.

    As to ins. co. access, they must have documentation to show that it's appropriate for them to receive the info. The ins. co.s can't process claims without the medical records, and there are occasions where they patient wouldn't release them, for various reasons, which prevented providers from being paid.

    I'm not being an apologist for the ins. co.s, the providers nor the gummint, but HIPAA does seem to tighten security surrounding medical info, while providing ready access to those who need it.

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    by condoleaser on Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 07:36:55 AM PST

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    •  HIPAA (4.00)
      HIPAA does predate the Bush Administration (although the development of regulations concerning the privacy provisions of HIPAA undoubtedly has followed a different path than would have been true under a Democratic Administration).  
    •  HIPAA did start during the Clinton era (4.00)
      But it was amended by the Bush Admin. to not require signed authorization by the patient to release certain information to insurers.

      You doctor's office may still get you to sign a release, but this is because either a) they think it's right, or b) they don't understand HIPAA.  No one really understands HIPAA, which is why it required a 6 hour medical record seminar to sort out the privacy and security requirements for medical profs. like me.

      I know that this is true because one of my docs just transferred my record to a referring doc without me signing anything.

      I'll see if I can dig up the regs.

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