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View Diary: WY (R) Senator escalates war on women's health care (78 comments)

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  •  Is Enzi really this evil? (none)
    I hate to admit this, but I'm actually from Wyoming.  I was raised here and currently live in Enzi's home town.  I also have to say that unfortunately, Enzi is probably not evil.  He's more of a complete idiot and most likely being paid to draft this legislation by a combination of religious right who want women to have absolutely no choice but to have baby after baby and the insurance companies who are already screwing everyone every which way they can.  I send him about 20 emails a day and he has yet to respond once.  I mean, even his cohort, Thomas, at least has an aide write back with a blanket "thank you for your letter" to tell me that he couldn't care less what I think - couched in pretend empathetic language of course.  I will write a letter to the editor here and see if it helps to get some negative press for this unconscionable action.  Again, allow me to apologize for being from the state with 3 of the absolute worst congresspersons.

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