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  •  A Crime to Marry? (none)
    I've read the bills and don't see what would make simple marriage a crime.  Perhaps you'd prefer not to relate the details of your family's situation, but maybe you could say more about John's, or another friend of yours, and how they fall afoul of this bill.

    If it actually threatens duly-constituted marriages with immigrants who are here legally, for your own sake it's best to make it ridiculously clear how that's threatened, so people like me can't miss it (which, so far, I have).  Because you can easily generate hundreds of thousands of phone calls if that is clearly threatened, and those are the kinds of numbers that beat legislation back into caves.

     The bills are odious, that's clear.  I just don't see that they threaten all immigrants who get married to US Citizens.

     BTW you should be able to apply for Advanced Parole if your wife wants to leave the country.  And call your Senator or Rep, 3 1/2 years is ridiculous.  Hope you photocopied everything you sent or received...

    •  Checked every box on the forms correctly, too. (none)
      •  Bingo! (4.00)
        That's the issue with us.  Our original lawyer filed our paper work a fews days late and the house version, broadly interpretted (remember Gonazales on the spying hearing?), would classify my wife as an "aggravated felon" and me along with her for "alien smuggling".

        But it's really other groups that will be affected the most.  I didn't mention it in the original post, but John and his wife already have a couple of kids.  Those kids are American citizens.  This is there home and the only land they know, and they are living in fear right now because the government dragged off their mother.

        •  Hey, with the administration we have (none)
          now, there is reason for everyone to fear.  The children shouldn't have had to go through that, though.

          It is really maddening to see people who are trying to follow the rules and fill out the forms getting treated like this while others who didn't even try to comply with the law end up getting amnesty or guest worker programs.

          I believe in legal immigration.  I believe in being humane in how we apply the law and not treating people like your friend has been treated.  I don't believe in "guest worker" programs and amnesties and such for people who don't even try to follow the law.

          I realize there are many more people than are legally allowed to enter wishing to enter, but it isn't right to let some cut in line while we make others jump through hoops.

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