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    Some good comments here and too many for me to read in one sitting with my short attention span.

    I'm another concered American Citizen that just wants his wife to be able to travel to the US. As my wife entered the US without inspection she is subject to the 10 year bar. I understand the need to punish those like my wife who boke the law but 10 years of separation is creul when kids are involved. A fine and/or community service would be much more appropriate and could pay for other needed security measures. I think it's ironic that in our case having my wife remain in Mexico has actually given others (who have come to know what we have)more incentive enter without inspection.

    We will get our first interview 14 months after approval of our request for the Visa. We will get denied at the interview and hopefully can prove an extreme hardship for my wife to be able to return before the 10 years.

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