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View Diary: Racist song in my kid's music class, Part 2 (313 comments)

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  •  I kinda hafta agree (none)
    at the risk of losing my "liberal" creds.

    Maybe it was my Southern upbringin'.   My mother was raised on Tobacco Road in the deep south, where cotton was still grown on farms (used to see it during summer vacations to Grandma's house).  She had to pick cotton as child, during the Depression, to help get whatever money the family could scrounge.

    Although I haven't had the experience of my child being the only black child in the school/class while this inane little song was being taught.  I might have a different perspective, and I certainly have no criticism whatsoever of a parent going in to question/discuss with a teacher any concerns over a child's curriculum.

    But I'm kinda with you, tommy, on this one.  I think there's too much self-righteous congratulating on this point about this being a slave song, when there were a lot of po' folks who picked cotton in the South, black and white, especially after the Carpetbaggers came into power and control over the South's reconstruction and economy.

    I used to go on the family clan tobacco harvests, too, every late summer, when I was little.   Everybody worked hard, blacks and whites.  

    Maybe I'm just sensitive in a different way to the denigration of cotton pickers in this diary thread...But reading all the responses left me with a slight queasy feeling.  Like my heritage was being disparaged, just 'cause I come from a line of cotton pickers, and they wuz white...

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