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  •  Moved from Smith HIll (none)
    and now I'm on the East Side by Temple Emanu'El. I liked Smith HIll until the kid got murdered two blocks away and the landlord sold the building.

    What I find different is that where I work people don't talk much about race, or slavery, or dividing line (like 40 in St. Louis and let me tell you--they knew what they were doing when they laid out those highways: 40, 44 and 70 are where they are in part to create racial divisions in the city).

    So PVD, with the Camp Street/end of Benefit Street history as an African-American community, and Hardscrabble (now the state house area), and south PVD, is different from STL is how the city is arranged. But I found that people in STL and Chicago were more willing to engage in conversations.

    Admittedly, moving from Chicago to STL was a BIG shock. I grew up in Mid-North and my schools were pretty diverse, but I knew about the South Side and the racial chasms there. STL seemed more overt and the people seemed to have a more overtly racist set of behaviours.

    I felt safer in Chicago than in STL, esp. downtown at night (and I was out in Chicago at all times of day).  I freely roamed around PVD at all hours in grad school, and my husband walked to the train from Smith Hill every day with no fear. He did get spit on, and he did get propositioned by a 12-year-old girl (my boss was propositioned near the Capitol Exxon and RDW). I go out less now that I have a 7-year-old.

    But I do find that the conversation of race is harder to have with people who grew up here than people who moved here. And that i find different.

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