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  •  What If? (none)
    Scientists really should not leave "Intelligent Design" to Creationists. What if Earth life were "designed" by an "alien intelligence"?

    Not some invisible spirit, but maybe some intelligence operating somewhere in the Universe in the 12 billion years before life appeared on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Maybe not even "intentionally" (or its alien equivalent). Maybe just infectious dirt, like we leave fingerprints on our own tools.

    There's plenty of science history and even recently discovered evidence for "exogenesis". Postulating a metaphysical creator, especially one who transcends physical laws to play moral mindgames with individual humans, is much more complex an explanation than necessary. If the evidence can be best explained by life originating already "living" before arriving on Earth, we shouldn't let superstitious powermongers have the entire game to themselves. Explaining it accurately will do more to fill the vacuum their theocratic gibberish leaves than will ignoring it completely, which is obviously leaving American imaginations to complete the picture with nightmares.

    •  i would argue the opposite ... (none)
      ... that the the creationists have ceded the theory of exogenesis to the natural sciences, since they have developed no taste for the idea that that "god" may well have been an alien, especially since there is no necessary conflict between creationism and exogenesis.

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