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View Diary: Sunday Afternoon Action Diary: Depressed Edition (33 comments)

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  •  Looking forward to the other diaries (4.00)
    I'm looking forward to reading the other diaries you mention wanting to write; especially the one about your local State Rep.  Based on comments you've made in the past, I believe we live in the same state rep district, and I'd like to read what you have to say about that asshole.


    •  Oh DonutDon.... (none)
      if we could get a chance to vote for me!


      After my discussions with him...I don't think he's smart enough to drive a truck, let alone Represent anyone in Government. I'm hoping to write those sometime this week...time permitting, of course...the students are more important at the moment and I've gotta prep them for their midterms later this week:)

      If you do live near me...we should meet up and get coffee sometime!! Figure out how to make our area a bit more blue:)

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