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  •  appeasement (4.00)
    I didn't ever know my grandmother. She had four kids and was not about to bear a fifth and died from an illegal abortion in 1926. Her death Caused at least two generations great grief and remorse.
     In 1964 I helped take a neighbor girl to Barnes hospital in St. Louis who'd nearly bled to death from a botched abortion. She lost her uterus, age 21.  Her boyfriend, in the army, did not acknowledge her attempts to reach him.  The dr. who performed the illegal abortion said he had never heard of her. What else could he say?  Abortion was a crime, with severe punishments then.
     I worked 3 years in college in an OR nights and saw those who'd been raped,made mistakes,  who tried to do the abortion themselves or suffered a messed up job get  
    scraped out almost nightly. I don't know any anti abortion prolifers who have witnessed these messes over and over.  
    Our state rep, a staunch prolifer, admitted to having an abortion when young.
     Now she desires no one should be so lucky as her to have had a legal, safe abortion. My grandmother might have wished differently.
     These were not such isolated experiences.

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