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  •  Yeah, (4.00)
    they're not so worried about losing Roe as a rallying point. They really do mean it, and I tend to think they figure that if they overturn Roe, they'll just keep rallying their fundy base by going after us queers. They'll always find something, until they win, and there's really no end in sight to the "moral issues" they can get their base worked up about. So I agree with you that the argument that they don't really want to overturn Roe is bullshit -- they're going to go for it, and when they're done, they're going to move on to the next thing.

    There really is no way to go about this thing in a consistently politically pragmatic way, IMO. You're for the right of women to control their bodies, or you're not. Those lines are going to be drawn ever harder as we go for the next while, as this and gay rights are the two issues they've decided to go for right now, full on warfare, until they win or we do.

    Great post by Digby, and great post by you.

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