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    I just called my Senators (Kerry and Kennedy -- I'm lucky!).

    Kennedy's office didn't make a point of telling me his position -- and I didn't think to ask.

    But Kerry's aide made a point of telling me that Sen. Kerry supported the resolution and would vote for it, should it come to the floor. I laughed and said, "What are the odds of that?" He said, "Slim to none now. But there is an election in November." I promised to do everything I could to improve those odds.

    Kerry. Hrm. Might have to reconsider my previous evaluations of that guy.

    --- Republican? Republican?! Sir, you have insulted me for the last time. I demand, demand, I say, satisfaction on the field of honor! [-8.25, -7.38]

    by Adistius on Mon Mar 13, 2006 at 10:43:08 AM PST

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