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View Diary: On Censure: 'Reasonable' is NOT What 'They' Say It Is (176 comments)

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  •  Do we get a second chance at this if it doesn't (0+ / 0-)

    work?  If all Democrats are on board and the Repubs defeat it, I believe we could do this time and again.  If our own caucus does not unanimously support it this first time, can we really go back later and try again?

    •  Maybe (1+ / 0-)
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      Sure we get another chance or we take one. Why not.  After all we created this chance so why not create another.  There is no reason we can't bring this up again and again. And if we fail thats exactly what we should do.  We should hammer them and if we fail get up and start hammering again.  Others have noted that the republicans have succeeded in shaping public perception because they repeat things ad nauseum. We can do that too. This is a begining. Winning or losing here shouldn't be the end. If we win than we can try impeachment next. If we lose - fight again.
      But wouldn't never trying be worse.  Instead of saying this wasn't the best time or the best method, we need to take this and run with it. Its what we have and I truly doubt that anything would have been a sure enough thing under your standards.
      We need to take action, real action, and this is that.
      I hope you don't feel so strongly against how this started that you can't get on board, because we are going to need as many people to stand together on this as possible.

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