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View Diary: On Censure: 'Reasonable' is NOT What 'They' Say It Is (176 comments)

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    With the Dubai issue, for the first time in a long time the public opinion believed that the Dems showed strength. But it was a very clear cut issue.

    On the other hand the wiretapping issue is almost always muddied. It's seldomed stated by MSM as "illegal wiretapping". In the public's mind the issue is usually promoted as wiretapping our offshore enemies - Yeh!.

    As Roosevelt Democrat posted, it's turned into an argument against Dems. That we are against finding out what our ememies are doing and infrequently whether it's being done legally.

    Is it clear that Bush actually broke the law? Many legal experts think he did, but others are not so sure - even Dems. Also, we don't actually know whether he bugged anyone not considered an enemy.

    Until and unless it can be proven that he pulled a "Nixon", censuring will not help our cause with John Q. But, constantly questioning his actions in public and emphasizing that our interest is in whether what he did was illegal is the only sensible way to go to keep the topic before the public in the simplest terms and bring them to our side.

    George W. Bush - Often wrong, but never in doubt!

    by auapplemac on Tue Mar 14, 2006 at 12:31:30 AM PST

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